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Options for OneTerminal TMS

Document Scanning

Stay in control of your paperwork with OneTerminal TMS.
Turbo-charge your office and add tremendous value to your customers. The Document Scanning option organizes all your paperwork in OneTerminal TMS. When you combine document scanning with our built-in web portal, you keep your customers in the know—and you quiet down your phones.

Complete document management for you
OneTerminal's Document Scanning lets you archive images of paperwork from every order. Associate documents to orders quickly. Import signatures or documents from any source. Eliminate frustrating loss of documents. Maintain all POD details securely.

Self-service 24/7 document retrieval for your customers
Customers can log in and search/view/download/print all documents attached to an order. POD information is available online as soon as it is scanned in.

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Satisfy your EDI customers with our custom-built interfaces.
Don't miss another day of increased revenue and margins. Now local P&D operations can harness the power of EDI. Get the EDI option for OneTerminal TMS, and put EDI to work for you and your customers.

Result: Seamless data transfer, more orders, happy customers.
Your customers using EDI can simply upload 210s and 214s. OneTerminal TMS will create the orders and update POD while you do other things. Our technical staff creates the interfaces for you. OneTerminal TMS works with Embassy and other EDI providers.

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GPS / Geofencing Option

Know where every vehicle is—and get instant POD.
Add the GPS option to OneTerminal TMS, and save even more time and money. Leverage GPS data to automatically track arrival/departure times at pickup and delivery. Eliminate mistakes while saving costly dispatcher and driver time.

OneTerminal TMS supports all major GPS applications.

"Could you tell me the status of my shipment?"
No more scurrying to answer that one—the question simply goes away. OneTerminal TMS integrates with your GPS provider to capture name/signature at all pickup and delivery locations. Order screens and manifests seamlessly update as vehicles move—so your office staff gets instant access to arrival/departure and POD information. Customers can log into our web portal to track POD as well.

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Hazmat Status

With a click, see real-time hazmat information on every vehicle.
See total hazmat being carried right now, separated by hazmat class.

OneTerminal TMS auto-adds or subtracts hazmat totals as pickups and deliveries happen. Know immediately if a vehicle needs a placarding change, and even send auto-alerts to change placarding. Reduce or eliminate expensive violations.

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Route Optimization

Know where every vehicle is—and get instant POD.
Produce the quickest, most cost-effective route with a few clicks. Review and adjust routes before finalizing manifests.

Add the Route Optimization option to OneTerminal TMS, and watch your routes produce more revenue with lower costs. OneTerminal TMS can work with any route-optimization software.

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